Unanimously  considered one of the most innovative illusionists of our time, Erix Logan stands out for its unique style and creativity in magic tricks.

The audience will be surprised and excited at the same time. During the show,  Erix Logan holds the audience hand and leads the crowd to a place made of desire and wonder.

Erix Logan has created a brand new form of entertainment… “Disillusion”.

Take magic, break all the rules,
throw in a master of conceptual art and you’re left with an unprecedented form of magic that will thrill
audiences of all ages.
You’ve never seen anything quite like “The Disillusionist.

The Disillusionist” changes the way you experience the world of magic from the moment you enter the theater.

Using state-of-the-art technology, Hollywood caliber effects and

a musical soundtrack featuring soprano Sara Maya live, prepare to experience a new type of theater.