<< Is a matter of Music >>

Franco Ori is a Painter of Music, he paints in all the languages of the world! For a long time drawing and painting have been his personal diary, a way to relieve tensions the angers joys and fears. Already in the 1984 without being conscious he linked up music and paint entitling his art exhibition “Ascolta Occhio”. He think that the principal reason therefore he paints subjects linked to the music is because he can’t sing and play any instrument, but while he is painting, he had the sensation to do it.

“I am fascinating by the music, this abstract art, and so near to the heart of the people, in this way able to communicate emotions. The excitement kindled by the music that i listen that drive me in the paintin”.

He is already part for the project The Jimi Hendrix Revolution, where starting from a blank canvas, he gives birth to a painting of Jimi Hendrix during the show.