A truck with a stage, stage lights, wide screen and audio around Italy. Five shows per day in every city and many artists to engage. If the people can’t go to the shows, then the shows will go to the people. A strong sign for a new start that has already been welcomed by many cities 

“You can’t stop Culture”. This is the starting point of We4Show’s proposal, that has already been welcomed by many Italian cities. Live4Life: live at home is the name of this lockdown-born project, as every live entertainment production is stopped due to COVID-19 countermeasures. In a period in which people are not allowed to witness shows in theaters and cultural hotspots, We4Show brings the shows to the people, thanks to a fully-equipped truck with stage, stage lights, wide screens and professional audio, that will reach every city that will join. Thanks to Live4Life, everyone will be able to witness a show from their own homes.


And while the whole live entertainment sector waits for the decisions of the Government and the Municipalities are unable to plan the summer events, with the Live4Life project it will still be possible to give life to the shows. The proposed shows, in fact, are adaptable to any government decision, both if, unfortunately, you should return to the lockdown, and if, as hopefully, you will be able to attend the events ensuring the distance between the spectators. The truck, therefore, will be a guarantee of safe performance that will allow the public to attend the event without any gathering.

The initiative has already been submitted and accepted by the mayors of several cities in northern Italy who are already taking action for the resolutions that will allow the truck to start the engine and leave.

The project will be extended to the whole country with the aim of giving the public moments of escape with music, theater, reading: all instruments that, via the internet, have accompanied the long and tiring quarantine period, and which are now finally offered live .

In addition to the support of the municipal administrations involved so far, many artists have found the initiative interesting and joined with great enthusiasm: from the exponents of music to those of the theater, from illusionism to dance up to the much in vogue stand up comedy.

The idea is to create five shows a day of about forty minutes in various locations in the city hosting the initiative. To involve the public in this unique event, the arrival of the truck will be broadcast live on social networks, as well as the entire show to allow citizens who are not residents of that area to still be involved. Safety and cost reduction are two other key factors of this restart. Concepts that everyone agreed, from productions to artists and technicians. Elements that allow the project to be supported by sponsors and consequently start with good financial support.

National and international music, painting, cabaret, illusionism: these are the shows designed for Live4Life but the idea is to involve all the artists who will want to try their hand in this new adventure.

“A partial restart of the Live sector would become a National and International pride” affirm Riccardo Locatelli and Fabiana Palama of We4Show, a concept that is fully embraced by all the involved figures, both artistic and institutional. “Everything will take place in the maximum safety of the public, actors and technicians. We cannot stand still, we have decided to look ahead, to look beyond, to be able to be a support also for all those who are currently closed in their own homes “.